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WoW Classic Power Leveling orcs Troll Horde 20-30 Power Leveling
 Released Time:2009.07.28    From:    View Times:510
[22] once the stolen goods of do are completed, return to the crossroads. (don't hand in this for now) [23] hand in the boar leader and the supplies at the crossroads [24] hand in the threat of the plain land bird (it should have done it) and accept the threat of get zebra. Then accept the anger of get revenge and get missing in the battle [25] at this time, I am sure that I have 3 6-grid bags. If not, I Will buy at the bag supplier. [26] run to the west of the intersection, go to the people in the hut... Accept at [45, 28], [27]: get leader and get Centaur wrist guard [28] and then start to do the following: [29] do leader do Centaur wrist guard do the threat of raptors do zebras do fungus spores; and do forgotten pool (all in the North) [30] once do leader is finished In [43, 24], [31], Barack cordoban did it: do hawk robber in [38, 17] [32] once do hawk robber finished, he went down to stone claw mountain, in [35, 27] in barren land, 15-16 stone claw mountain [1] 15-16 stone claw mountain [2] accepted get goblin invader (you should first receive get spirit of stone claw from Zor lone tree in orgrima, but this is a level 13 If you take him when you are in orgrima) and get revenge for my village in [35, 27] in the barren land, [3] do: do revenge for my village and hand him in. [4] then do: do kill grudigg dark cloud in [73, 86]. [5] Note: I usually jump over the escort task (do protect Kaya [73, 85] in the hut), this task may be a little bit Hard, if you have a team, you can do it. [6] turn in to kill grudiger dark cloud and if you do, turn in to protect Kaya, in [35, 28] in the barren land... Accept get Kaya is still alive, [7] then go back to the barren land... 16-20 barren land (Part I) [1] 16-20 barren land (Part I) [2] go back to the guy in the hut [45, 28], [3] turn in the leader of kokar Accept get fanatical verogo. Hand in Centaur wristband. If it's done, hand it in. If it's not done, it's OK. [4] make sure you finish the Velociraptor of do stealing money. Do the threat of zebra. Do fungus spores and do forgetting pool. Then return to the intersection. [5] run across the road, turn over all tasks at [52, 30], [6], take all the next tasks... [7] then do get pharmacist Zama. You run all the way Go to thunder cliff and be in the cave. Do these all the way: [8] go down south [49, 50], do go missing in the battle (mancolick's wife) she lies dead in the hut, west of the bridge... [9] go to the tarazu camp to accept the Civil War of get boar man from the Werewolf in the cage [44, 59], open the bird point... [10] then do pharmacist Zama. You run to thunder cliff, at [39, 27], [11] Once you get to thunder cliff, go to NPC Weapon Master [40, 62] to learn weapon skills. [12] to learn new skills. [13] to hand in the cave of soul highland in Zama, pharmacist [29, 29]. [14] to learn first aid in soul highland. [15] to tap the bird point in the town, but don't fly back to the intersection. [16] to return to the crossroad in ten words. [17] to lose in battle [18] then to do grassland in the northwest of the intersection The wanderer on [37, 20], [19] becomes the leader of do Eagle body [38, 14], [20] runs to the east to make do and what balancer [52, 11] completes the whole chain, finally you kill the goblin to take the key. [21] then you go to the east to make do fire key in mud swamp [56.8], [22] then you do do to escape [23] and then you go to the northeast to be the treasure of do miner [61.5], [24] you go to ratchet City [63, 37]..., [25] Hand in stolen goods, what balancer, what balancer, in escape, accept get fitzx, skip NPC Winnie buteback, hand in miner's treasure, and then go to the west of ratchet city to make do dead water oasis and do fanatical verogo in [54, 43], [28], and then run back to the intersection [52, 30].., [29] hand in Ranger on grassland, in Eagle body leader and in dead water oasis The creature that accepts the get mutation get Echinacea get Serena blood get reports to kadrak and get scorpion eggs [30] to the west of the intersection [45, 28], hand in: in Centaur wrist guard and in fanatical verogo... Skip NPC herzlul blood print, [31] all the way north: do Serena blood in [38, 11], [32] and then East (kill the little monsters along the road) do it in [55] , 17]., [33] hearthstone returns to the crossroads. [34] Jiao in echiaki... Accept get's furious Falcon claw dragon [35] Jiao in Serena blood feather accepts get's letter to ginger. The anger to ensure get's revenge is accepted. 16-20 barren land (Part II) [1] 16-20 barren land (Part II) [2] go south to do: [3] do mutated creature [55, 42], [4] do swift dragon horn at the same time do is done by do The stolen silver coins are in [57, 54], [5] do's furious scythosaurus [51, 46], [6] do's civil war and do's fury of revenge at [51, 54] [7] and then go to tarazu camp [45, 58], [8] accept get's weapons [9] remove the jackals in the cage... [10] hand in's civil war accept get's blood rock fragments and get's traitors [11] hand in's blood rock fragments [12] ]Hand in 10 blood rock fragments for in wind soul (repeat task) for fast running speed. [13] at this time, you should be about half to level 20. [14] now it's an interesting step: NPC howling cave copy. [46, 36]. You need a complete team to do this. Optional: brush all the way to level 20 (I do this, but I don't recommend it). [15] note that the monster is named NPC laktaman Ni (a gray kodo [45, 53]) and NPC owatanka. When they drop NPC laktamani's hoof, they can make do rakes (a gray kodo [45, 53]) and NPC owatanka. They drop the hooves of NPC laktamani to make do laktamani and the tail thorns of NPC owatanka to make do owatanka. When you have a chance, you can cross missions at the tarazu camp. [16] you can reach at least level 20, run back to the intersection... [17] cross in the stolen silver coin in the fury of revenge in the mutant creature Take all new tasks with in's raging scythe claw Dragon... Skip NPC Mora Rune totem. You should now be at level 20. [18] fly orgrima, learn new skills. [19] take get gray Valley hunting mission [20] furnace stone back to the crossroads. [21] fly to ratchet city... [22] hand in Chen's empty wine barrel (if you do it, it's ok if you don't)... Take the next step. [23] hand in Velociraptor Cape accept Ge T deep moss spider's egg and get fitzx [24] then do: do North Castle's artillery has an escort task in [60, 55] (video), [25] then once do North Castle's artillery is completed, do: [26] do escape from prison (escort task) [27] hand over these two tasks in ratchet City, and then... [28] furnace stone returns to the intersection. (IF furnace stone CD, fly) [29] run west to stone claw mountain vein
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