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WoW Classic Power Leveling orcs Troll Horde 20-21 Power Leveling stone claw mountain
 Released Time:2009.07.28    From:    View Times:459
20-21 stone claw mountain
[1] 20-21 stone claw mountain [2] ran to marakagin in [71, 94], [3] accepted get stolen spiders [4] doodle nets started the original letter handed in to ginger in [74, 97] in the cave... Accepted get ginger's forest magic, [5] then accepted get reprinted self doodle nets bezales from wanted posters in [59, 75], [6] did do stolen spiders and do deep moss spiders. Egg and do around bethales reproduced from the webmaster's house [54, 76] Note: you can skip bethales now, because you will come back later..., [7] hand in the goblin in the windy cliff in the hut, webmaster's house, douwan.com [58, 62]... Accept get super harvester 6000, [8] and then do: do goblin invader and do super harvester 6000 douwan.com( The little monster is in the north of the blustery cliff [9] and then hands in the super harvester 6000 [58, 62]... Receives the new get instruction [10] runs to the sun fight game net to start the original Shiju [46, 59]. [11] hands in betheles and in Kaya are still alive if you do this escort task [12] open the bird point. [13] runs to the video path above the station master's home to receive get rolling rock canyon and get to help yenoosakre In [47, 64], [14] and do rock rolling Canyon in [61, 92], [15] and then in stealing spiders [71, 95], [16] in goblin invaders in [35, 27] in barren land... Accept get logging machine (I skip NPC elders), [17] furnace stones return to crossroads. [18] north to ash Valley (report to kadrak along the way) (in 48.5), but skip NPC battle song Report
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