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WoW Classic Power Leveling orcs Troll Horde 20-30 Power Leveling
 Released Time:2009.07.28    From:    View Times:484
[2] go to the Agamand mill [47, 36] to kill NPC bone breaking soldiers and NPC dark eye skeleton mages, pick up their items [serrated ribs] and items [burnt black skulls]., [3] if items [letters to Yvette] fall, pick up and accept the letters not sent by get.}, [4] to kill NPC Nisa Agamand [49, 36], NPC Grego Agamand [46, 29] and NPC Salman Agamand [44, 34], Pick up all their remains., [5] run back to NPC dead guard Dillinger in [58, 51] Brill, get in mill I for emergency, [6] run into the inn, hand in the unsent letters in NPC Yvette fassian. Get in Agamand family in NPC kuleman fassian, accept get to talk with Severn.}, [7] talk with Severn in NPC governor Severn [61, 51], skip skip a Garmand family..., [8] run to the dark city. Do your professional task., [9] weapons master learn weapons skills in [57, 33], [10] go to NPC bisso essard in the mage area [84, 17] get in the wandering lich, accept the identity of get Lich., [11] leave the dark city, go to [65, 60]. Get in the role of the dead guard, accept get to report to Severn and get patrol the rear., [12] go to [75, 61] Kill 8npc's terrible blood zombies and 8npc's wandering ghosts to run north in order to patrol the rear of do [13], [80, 56], kill 5npc's blood color ascetic Friar and NPC's team leader vasson to fight with blood color Crusader step 3, [14] go to the East [85, 53] kill NPC's evil night walking spider until you get 4item [the venom of evil night walking spider], [15] go to Cheshui lake and swim to Gunther's residence. Click item [Gunther's venom] Er's book] pick up item [Lich's spell book] in [68, 42], and then go back to [65, 60] and hand it over to in patrol rear., [16] enter the dark city. Go to [84, 17] and hand in the Lich's identity to accept get to return the book., [17] furnace stone back to Brill.}, [18] and hand in the war step with blood Crusader 3 and accept get and blood Crusader 4. Hand in the new plague step 2 and accept get new Step 3: turn in to report to Severn. Go to the basement of the inn, turn in to the new pestilence step 3.}, [19] go back to Gunther's residence [68, 42] turn in to return books, accept get to prove loyalty. Pick up item [tempting candle] from item candle box. [20] go to the south of island [67, 45], use candle item Lilith's table to call NPC Lilith nefara. Kill, then go back to NPC gang Sur arcanus, accept get Lich surrender. Go to Tadi Road [79, 26] kill NPC captain Malachi and 2npc blood bodyguard. For do and blood crusader, step 4. [22] go back to Breuer to fight with blood crusader. Then run to dark city to join Lich surrender in mage District [84, 17], [23] you should be level 12 now, learn skills.}, [24] leave Open the dark city, run to the airship tower [61, 59]. Fly to orgrima, [25] run to orgrima [46, 12] open the bird point [45, 64], [26] leave orgrima, South to razor ridge. Accept the new soldiers of get tribe from NPC taclin Pathfinder [51, 44], [27] to the west, to the barren land, [35, 42], 12-15 barren land [1] 12-15 barren land [2] transfer the new soldiers of in tribe in [62, 19] poor land In barren land, accept get intersection conscription, [3] and then turn in Jacques ceros [62, 20] I choose to skip NPC demon species [4] and run to the intersection at [52, 30]. [5] don't forget to enjoy the scenery along the way [6] once you arrive at the intersection [52, 30] and then accept all tasks of ten word intersection (including: get to meat get plain land in orgrima The threat of walking birds get the pool of forgetting get the swiftdragon of stealing money get the dock manager dizvig get the fungus spore get the boar man's attack get the supplies at the intersection and get the hawk body robber (at the top of the watchtower). I choose to skip NPC and fly to orgrima, [7] furnace stone is set at the intersection. [8] open the bird point [9] and do: do the boar man's attack Note: if you find get old Chen's empty barrel to accept it. [10] once the do boar attack is completed, go to hand in [52, 30] to accept the supplies at get crossroad, [11] to do the supplies at do crossroad at [56, 26], and then run back to soker to meet the head of get boar, you will again Go back to the steel mane camp for the first time. [12] if you find old Chen get's empty barrel and accept him. [13] once the threat of land birds in the do Plain & the leader of the do boar man is finished... [14] go to ratchet City, open bird point [63, 37] and accept get swift dragon horn get what balancer get South China Sea pirates get the artillery of the northern castle. Hand in old Chen's empty barrel if you have him... Accept the next step [15] in the whole barren land, get wanted: Baron longshore (wanted by the bank) [16] hand over to in Wharf administrator, dizweig (goblin on the wharf), accept get miner's treasure [17] and then do pirates in the South China Sea and do wanted: Baron longshore (along the coast of ratchet city) [18] once completed, hand them in [63, 36] Accept the new, then do the following: [19] in lost goods (goblin on the wharf) accept get lost goods step 2 [20] go back, gazruvi [63, 36], deliver in lost goods step 2 accept get stolen goods, [21] then do the do stolen goods ratchet south. Telescope piece = [64, 49], and a box of boots = [63, 50], [22] once the do stolen goods are finished Turn the furnace stone back to the intersection. (don't hand in this yet) [23] hand in the boar leader and the supplies at the intersection [24] hand in the plain land
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