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·WoW Classic Power Leveling orcs Troll Horde 20-30 Power Leveling
 Released Time:2009.07.28    From:    View Times:469
[44, 58] received and reprinted from the home of the stationmaster and opened the bird point on the get cross road. [16] followed this road and went to the intersection and opened the bird point on the in cross road. The dead 1-6 funeral town reprinted from the home of the stationmaster (tirisfah forest land) [1] 1-6 funeral town (tirisfah forest land)}, [2] ran up the steps and left the crypt.}, [3] received get to wake up suddenly from the home of the stationmaster and sent by the NPC of douwan.com Mordor, the burialist, then runs down the mountain to meet sarvis, the shadow priest of NPC. [31, 66] [4] accept get brainless zombies.}, [5] go down the mountain to reprint do brainless zombies from the stationmaster's home, and then runs back to meet. [6] accept get broken skeleton, get contaminated scroll, and get cursed person.}, [7] hand in the scroll reprinted from douwan to learn skills from your professional trainer.}, [8] Complete the do cursed and do broken bones and skeletons. These are all found in suburban villages. Then complete the work. The first player of douwan.com submits his original wish and then receives get Mara's last wish.}, [9] goes out of the church and accepts get night walking spider cave and get picking up debris.}, [10] completes the house of do picking up debris. Douwan.com is found around the village and in the buildings. Go to [37, 62] kill Samuel Phelps After doing the last wishes of do Mara, [11] ran to the cave [27,5, reprinted from douwanwang 9] to do the do night walking spider cave. [12] ran to the cemetery in the village [31,64] and selected the item tomb to bury the skull. [13] handed over all tasks I, reprinted from douwanwang n night walking spider cave, in picking up the debris and in Mara's last wishes.}, [14] accepted the do blood color Crusader outside the church to do [37,67], the stationmaster Home, douwan. Com and then go back to hand it in, [15] accept get Crusader messenger to do [36, 68], kill NPC maven kagall. Run back to hand in., [16] accept get reprint from the webmaster's house to ask for information. If you are level 6, learn skills. If you don't kill small monsters to level 6.}, [17] run to the north of the bell to receive get's transactions in [reprint from douwan. Com 38, 57], and then leave the novice village , 6-10 tirisfalin [1] 6-10 tirisfalin [1], [2] go down the mountain to accept the reprint of get sadness, and then go to Pumpkin Farm [37, 52] to pick up 10item [tirisfalin pumpkins]. [3] go back to reprint the task of get geldo from around the road of the stationmaster's house [46, 57]. NPC geldo walks on the road, [4] to Brill On the way, I picked 3item [the first original grass of dark duet play net]. I handed over to NPC junior pharmacist Holland [58, 50], accepted get doomsday grass., [5] and NPC dead guard Dillinger talked and accepted get rotten claws in [58, home of stationmaster, duet play net 51., [6] handed over in sad place to NPC pharmacist Qiao Han, accepted get sad place step 2 and get new plague stationmaster's home, duet play net [59 , 52], [7] accept get reward: maggot eyes from it stationmaster's house, EM wanted card of doudou.com is behind him.}, [8] get death certificate from NPC necromancer Burgess and get tomb robber from NPC governor Severn. Reprint from doudou.com}, [9] enter the Inn NPC inn owner, Lu shiding is in tirisfah. Be sure to learn first aid from NPC nella. Go to the basement of the Inn and complete step 2 of in sad place. The blood color fanatic captured in NPC.}, [11] go back to bridge [53, 53] and kill 7 item [rotten claw], [12] and run back to NPC necromancer Dillinger and hand in rotten claw in [58, 51]. You should be 7 now Level 1. Accept the get mill rush. [13] go back to the inn [62, 53] accept the get haunted mill from NPC Kullman fassian, on the second floor, accept the get death cold from NPC grace DeMar, [14] run through Pumpkin Farm to tower in [32, 47] kill NPC bloodstained soldiers for do and bloodstained Crusaders, kill NPC nocturnal bats and NPC dark dogs for 5item [the fur of nocturnal bats] and 5 Item [blood of the dark dog], [15] when all this is done, furnace stone goes back to Brill. Go to the outside trade supply, buy an item [thick line]. Run back to the Inn and pay in the cold of death.}, [16] run out of the house and pay in the death certificate. The war between in and blood Crusader accepts the war step 2 of get and blood crusader, the new plague of in, the new plague step 2 of get.}, [17] run North [59, 30] reward for do: maggot eye, do Tomb Raider and do doomsday grass all the way., [18] when all these are done, go to the beach [61, 29], kill NPC Fishman until you have 5 items [scales of finned Fishman]. [19] go back to NPC junior pharmacist Holland in [58, 50] hand in doomsday grass., [20] run back to Breuer to get new plague step 2 in NPC pharmacist Joe Han [59, 52], [21] handed in reward: maggot eye in NPC executive Sergeant [61, 52], and in tomb robber in NPC executive Severn. Accepted the duties of get necromancer and get vagrant Lich., [22] went to tower [51, 68] to kill 3 NPC blood color missionaries, 3 NPC blood color fanatics and NPC captain Perrin., [23] went to Agamand mill [47, 39], and killed NPC Devlin Agamand for do haunted The mill of, [24] ran back to NPC executive Serge [61, 52] in Brill, handed in the war steps of in and blood Crusader 2, accepted the war steps of in and blood Crusader 3, [25] then went to NPC kuleman fassian in the hotel, handed in the haunted mill to accept get Agamand family}, [26] you should now be level 10, learn new skills, accept your get career tasks, but first Don't do it.}, 10-12 Tirisfal forest land [1] 10-12 Tirisfal forest land [2] go to Agamand mill [47, 36] to kill NPC bone breaking soldiers
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