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WoW Classic Power Leveling orcs Troll Horde 20-30 Power Leveling
 Released Time:2009.07.28    From:    View Times:462
1-60 task flow and task monster coordinate location: orc Troll 1-6 Durotar [1] 1-6 Durotar [2] has done all the tasks of Durotar! Here is the fastest way to reprint self play network! [3] start to accept the get starting point. (just in front of you) [4] and then hand in [42, 68]... Accept get small test hands [reprint self play network 5] start to do: do small test hands [6] once you level 2, accept get small test hands Sarkozy in [40, 62], [7] do Sarkozy in [40, 62], 66]., [8] and then give in Sarkozy in [40, 62]... Accept get Sarkozy step. 2, [9] make sure that the do small-scale duel play net original start is completed. [10] hand in in Sarkozy step. 2 and in small-scale duel play in [42, 68]... Accept get wind erosion slate and Ge reprint the tail of t-worker scorpion of self duel play net, [11] ]Hand in get wind eroded slate, around [43, 69], learn new skills. [12] accept and do the following: do master's house, fight with the tail of netscorpio, do evil evil evil evil spirit, do cool fruit of gogar and do lazy drudgery (all these are carried out in the North and northeast of the trial Valley) [13] the exchange reprinted from the master's house, and then accept get fire blade medal and get TAZ Lille's pick [14] is the do fire blade medal and do tazlille's pick. These are all done in the mountain stationmaster's house. Once these two tasks are completed, use your furnace stone. [16] hand in these two tasks and accept get to senkin village, report that the task from stationmaster's house to birthplace [17] has been completed. Leave novice Village (to the East). 6-9 durontal [1] 6-9 duronta Er [2] accepts the heavy burden of get drudgery and transfers it to douwan.com in [52, 68], [3] accepts the attack of get cockar Centaur in [54, 75], [4] hands in to senjin village to report to senjin village, [webmaster's home, douwan.com 55, 74], [5] and then takes all tasks of senjin village. (including: get master Warner gets the tiger skin needed for life get minghina's skull reproduced from webmaster get Report to ogonil and get zarazan [6] don't be NPC master Warner on the other side of senjin village river. Make sure the task is acceptable. [7 reprinted from the webmaster's home] and then run to razor ridge [52, 44], kill the little monsters along the way, and make sure that you have new skills to learn before you reach level 6. [8] hand in to Ogo and reprint from the webmaster's home Neil to report all responsibilities of razor ridge Wu (get dark storm get treacherous man, get boar man's invasion get dinosaur egg feast [9] went to the watchtower in the northwest of the original Dao mountain, where he accepted get's new backpack in [49, 40], [10] went to the inn [51, 41] and handed in the burden of drudgery. The transfer of self fighting net furnace stone was set in razor mountain., [11] learned first aid. In [54, 41], [12] and then did: do treachery The new backpack of do and human. The original of this play net is to kill captain Benedict [57, 55], [13] (he is in the building [59, 58]), take the key, walk up the steps, fight and play the net. The original open box task: get general's order, [14] to hand in the order of the treacherous human general in and the new backpack in razor ridge Net first original 2, 44], accept the command of get general (step 2). [15] do master do Warner and do submarine shipwreck these two tasks reprinted from the home of the stationmaster around the water east of tiragarde Castle [62, 50]. [16] then do the first half of the do boar man's invasion in [49, 49]. [17] reprint from douwan. You should now have more than 7 levels and 8 levels, if not If you want, go to brush some monsters, and learn new skills at razor ridge [52, 44]. The original start of doudou.com [18] runs southward to do the attack of do cockar Centaur in [48, 79], [19] once it's done, transfer it in [54, 75]. [20] from the home of the stationmaster, master jiaoin Warner in senjin village [55, 74], [21] and then go to the echo Islands (the southeast island of dulontar) Do the following four tasks together: Doo Doo first original [22] do dinosaur egg meal [23] do life required tiger skin [24] do minghina's skull in [67, 87], [25] do zarazan in reprint of Doo Doo online [67, 86]. [26] after completing all these tasks, die, and finally in senjin village [55, 74]..., [27] hand in tiger Doo first original skin minghina's skull for life And in zarazan. Keep the items returned by the mission NPC's shimmering skull as the eyes of Burning Shadows of later mission NPC [28] furnace stone reprinted from doodle net back to razor ridge. Hand in dinosaur egg meal [29] and make the second half of do boar man's invasion (razor Shanxi, in [42, 38]), 9-12 doodle net first made original longtar [1] 9-12 doolongtar [2] and then go to accept get's lost children in Xiaomao House [43, 30], [3] and then go to pick up (reproduced from the owner's house along the way) to accept get desert wind in goblin, [46, 22], [4] then do desert wind [5] and then hand in, accept get guard fight play net to start the original business road in [46, 22], [6] brush small monsters to level 10. [7] go to razor ridge [52, 44], hand in the invasion of boar man, [8] learn new skills of self fight play [9] Complete your level 10 career task. [10] then go west (the little monsters along the way kill) to accept get help, such as fire fighting, reprinted in [41, 18] from doudou.com, [11] to orgrima [45, 11], [12] and then hand in the order of general in in SAL's room [34, 36], [13] to accept Ge reprinted from the hidden enemy in the webmaster's house t (SAL gave) [14] to enter the shadow crack, and accept get to find the antidote[ 46, 53], [15] then go to do guard business road, reprint from the stationmaster's house in [53, 23] Durotar, [16] jiaoin guard business road in [46,
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